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Department of Pharmacy Administration and Clinical Pharmacy

Department of Pharmacy Administration and Clinical Pharmacy began in 2000which was composed of Pharmacy Administration & Clinical Pharmacy office.And affiliated in the department, the International Research Center for Peking University Medical Management (IRCMA) was established in 2002. The department head is Professor Luwen Shi, deputy head is Associate Professor Hong Shao, and other associate heads are respectively from pharmacy departments of the first three affiliated hospitals of Peking University: Professor Yimin Cui, Yuzhen Li, and Suodi Zhai.

The practice sites of our department includes 14 clinical pharmacy rotation sites and many pharmacy administration sites.The 14 clinical pharmacy sites are : Peking University the 1st Hospital, Peking University the 2nd Hospital, Peking University the 3rd, Shougang Hospital, Cancer Hospital of Peking University, Ji Shui Tan Hospital, Beijing Hospital, Sh ji Tan Hospital, China-Japan friendship Hospital, Peking Union Medical Hospital, Xuanwu Hospital, Friendship Hospital, Tiantan Hospital and 301 Hospital. Those facilities constitute a solid base for clinical pharmacy education. On the other hand, Pharmacy administration rotation sites includes the drug pricing department ofNational Development and Reform Commission, national drug policy and other functional departments of the Ministry of Health, the laws and regulations department ofthe State Food and Drug Administration, the health insurance department of the state Department of Human Resources and Social Security , Beijing Drug Administration, the medical policy research center of China Pharmaceutical Association, China Price Association, Chinese Hospital Association, the China Health Care Research Association, etc.

The department has 9 full-time faculties, including 1 professor, 3 associate professors, and 5 assistant professors. The part-time faculties are experts from 14 teaching hospitals, the governments, pharmaceutical companies. The faculty team has a rich and diverse background of teaching and research, theory and practice, basic and application.

In order to train qualified clinical pharmacy professionals, the department is dedicated to establishing and promoting an educational framework which is suitable for China. We have been performing an in-depth reform on the teaching system, methods and content of clinical pharmacy and pharmacy management. By the end of 2010, we have 3 training programs approved by the college of pharmacy: the master of pharmacy (2~3 year graduate program, clinical Pharmacy direction and Pharmacy management direction), the master of pharmaceutical sciences (6 year), and the master of pharmaceutical sciences (3 year graduate program). Those programs share similar theoretical courses, focus on different practice training respectively.

Our Department opened a total of 23 theoretical courses forundergraduate, master's and doctoral programs, set up 3 clinical pharmacy practice and 2 pharmacy administration courses, built a closely integrated teaching system of both theory and practice. Our research focus on Drug Policy and the development strategy of the pharmaceutical industry, , pharmaceutical regulation and supervision techniques, hospital pharmacy administration, settings of clinical pharmacy practice system, pharmacoeconomics, drug information systems, pharmaceutical care and its evaluation system, etc. Those research are new and groudbreaking in China,which promote the development of the industry.