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Jiang Bin


Ph.D, Associate Professor

Research Areas

Capacity Building and Evaluation of Drug Regulation

Decision-making and Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Policy

Health care reform and Pharmaceutical Industry Development

Education & Positions

Beijing Normal University, B.S., 1994
Renmin University of China, M.Eco., 1997
Renmin University of China, Ph.D., 2010

Harvard Medical University, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2011
Beijing Medical University, Teaching Assistant, 1997-1999; Lecturer, 1999-2000

Peking University, Lecturer, 2000-2009; Associate Professor 2009-

Vice director, Sub-Committee of Pharmacy Administration, Beijing Pharmaceutical Association, 2009-

Executive member, Sub-Committee of Medical Insurance, China Association of Social Security, 2015-

Vice director, Research Center for Public Policy, Peking University, 2018-

Faculty Accolades

Second Prize of Distinguished Paper, Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, 2015, 2016

Faculty Development Award, CMB, 2009

Excellent Achievements in Research, Chinese Price Association, 2008

Excellent Teacher Award, 1999,2001,2003,2005 (University level)

Research Interests:

My areas of interest include capacity building and evaluation of drug regulation in China, decision-making and evaluation of pharmaceutical policy, health care reform and pharmaceutical industry development.

Grants and fundings

1. PI. Core Issues of Generic Substitution in China. China Food and Drug Administration, 05/2018-06/2020

2. PI. Disposal of Expiratory Household Medicines in China. China Food and Drug Administration, 05/2018-06/2019

3. PI. Preferential Policies for Procurement, Utilization and Reimbursement of Generic drugs in China. RDPAC, 03/2018-3/2019

4. PI. Evaluation of Resource Allocation of Food and Drug Administration in China. China Food and Drug Administration, 05/2017-06/2018

5. PI. Health Care Reform in Sanming and Fujian: A case study.  RDPAC, 03/2016-3/2017

6. PI. Evaluation and optimization of pilot pharmaceuticals reimbursement price policy (PPRPP) in China: from the stakeholders’ perspective of payers, hospitals, physicians, patients and drug makers.  China Medical Board, 01/2016-12/2019

7. PI. Optimization of Drug Administration in China: from the Aspect of Capacity Building. National Social Science Fund, 06/2013-12/2015

8. PI. Investigating on the Effects of National Essential Medicine Policy on Primary Care Facilities in Hebei Province: a Case Study. China Medical Board, 06/2011-12/2013

9. PI. Performance Evaluation of Drug Regulation in China. State Food and Drug Administration, 12/2009-04/2012

10. Co-PI. Status Quo of Drug Supervision in China (white book). State Food and Drug Administration, 09/2007-07/2008


1.Jing Chen, Ting Yin, Bin Jiang*. Empirical methods in studying the effect of pharmaceutical policies. Chin. Pharm. Sci., 2018, 27(7), 510-516.  

2.Lujia Chen, Guozhen Liu, Guo Huang, Dongsheng Yang, Bin Jiang*. Institutional changes of China’s drug regulation and improvement solutions. Chin. Pharm. Sci., 2015, 24(12):821-825.

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