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Chen Jing






Personal Particulars

Name: JingChen

Tel: +86-10-82805019


Phd in Clinical Pharmacy (pharmaceutical policy and law) ,Peking University

MSC. in Pharmaceuticspharmacy administration), China pharmaceutical University,

B.S. in Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management ,China pharmaceutical University,

Research Interests

focuses on the pharmaceutical intellectual property protection, pharma pricing, reimbursement and market access policy.

Research Experience

1.Research on pharmaceutical intellectual property protection and its impact on medicines price funded by The National Natural Science Fund(No.71503017)2016-2018

2. Research on the composition of drug expenditure in Chinese hospitals based on the non random exponential theory model (No. 71603008)2017-2019

3. Research on on Pharmacist Legislation in China funded by National Health and Family Planning Commission(2017-2018)

4. Research on assessment of the “The comments on reform of review & approval system on drug and medical device” funded by State Food and Drug Administration of China(2016-2017)

5.Research on China’s drug pricing policy reform and its potential implications on drug price Supported by UNICEF and the Ministry of Finance(2016-2017)


Recent Publications

1.CHEN Jing, SHI Luwen,Introduction and Profound Consideration on Intellectual Property Rights Protection Standard Terms Related to Drugs beyond the Regulations of TRIPS, China Pharmacy,2017,28(4):442-445

2. CHEN Jing,ZHAO Xizi,ZHAO Liang,SHI Luwen. Experience and Enlightenment of Drug Price Regulation in Germany,Japan and Taiwan Area of China, China Pharmacy,2017,28(25):3463-3467

3. CHEN Jing,SHI Lu-wen,Research on pharmaceutical patents listing rules as a part of patent linkage system in United States. Chinese Journal of New Drugs, 2017,26(13):1484-1487

4. CHEN Jing,SANG Xiao-dong,REN Qiao-yu,SHI Lu-wen. Policies to promote use of generic drugs in developed countries .Chinese Journal of New Drugs, 2017,26(24):2887-2891

5.Chen Jing; Nie, Xiaoyan; Yao, Peng; Shi, Luwen.TRIPS-plus and access to medicines in China  Journal of Public Health Policy, 2013.5, 34(2): 2



Chenjing, Instructor, She is Phd in clinical pharmacy in Peking University Health Science Center;MSC. in Pharmaceutics (pharmacy administration) in China pharmaceutical University ; B.S. in Pharmaceutical Enterprise Managementin China pharmaceutical University. She offers courses  in pharmaceutical law, pharmacy administration and pharmaceutical policy for  undergraduate and postgraduate.She conducts a lot of researchin this field.