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Gu Jian



Associate Professor, Chief Pharmacist,

Research Areas

Clinical Pharmacokinetics

Clinical Pharmacy

Education & Positions


Education & Positions

West China School of Pharmacy, Sichuan University M.B., 1983
Graduate School, Nagoya City University, M.D., 1998
China-Japan Friendship Hospital,Pharmacist, 1983-1989
China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Responsible Pharmacist, 1989-1993

Peking University Peoples Hospital,  Associate Chief Pharmacist,2000-2007
Peking University People
s Hospital,  Chief Pharmacist 2007-


Faculty Accolades

School of Pharmacy, Peking University,AssociateProfessor, 2004-



Research Interests:

Our research program spans a broad range of chemical biology, nucleic acid chemistry and biology, epigenetics, and bioinorganic chemistry. We discovered the first RNA demethylase and continue to explore gene expression regulation mediated by dynamic and reversible RNA modifications such as N6-methyladenosine m6A. We developed enabling tools to map DNA 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) and its oxidation derivatives in mammalian genomes and continue to study DNA 5-methylcytosine (5mC) oxidation and demethylation in biological regulation. We revealed the presence of DNA 6-methyladenosine (6mA) in eukaryotic genomes and continue to investigate functional roles played by this new DNA mark in eukaryotes. We study virulence and antibiotic resistance regulation in human pathogens. We also study metal ion homeostasis and selective metal ion recognition by naturally occurring and engineered proteins.


Grants and fundings

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD - NIH)


Principal Investigator



Dominissini, D.*; Nachtergaele, S.; Moshitch-Moshkovitz, S.; Peer, E.; Kol, N.; Ben-Haim, M. S.; Dai, Q.; Di Segni, A.; Salmon-Divon, M.; Clark, W. C.; Zheng, G.; Pan, T.; Solomon, O.; Eyal, E.; Hershkovitz, V.; Han, D.; Doré, L. C.; Amariglio, N.; Rechavi, G.*; He, C.* The dynamic N1-methyladenosine methylome in eukaryotic messenger RNA. Nature 2016, 530, 441-446.

Wang, X.; Zhao, B. S.; Roundtree, I. A.; Lu, Z.; Han, D.; Ma, H.; Weng, X.; Chen, K.; Shi, H.; He, C.*N6-methyladenosine modulates messenger RNA translation efficiency. Cell 2015, 161, 1388-1399.

Fu, Y.; Luo, G. Z.; Chen, K.; Deng, X.; Yu, M.; Han, D.; Hao, Z.; Liu, J.; Lu, X.; Doré, L. C.; Weng,X.; Ji, Q.; Mets, L.; He, C.* N6-methyldeoxyadenosine marks active transcription start sites in chlamydomonas. Cell 2015, 161, 879-892.

Wang, X.; Lu, Z.; Gomez, A.; Hon, G. C.; Yue, Y.; Han, D.; Fu, Y.; Parisien, M.; Dai, Q.; Jia, G.; Ren,B.; Pan, T.; He, C.* N6-methyladenosine-dependent regulation of messenger RNA stability. Nature 2014, 505, 117-120.