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Cao Guoying


Name: Cao Guoying

Date of Birth: 20 June 1965

Nationality: Chinese

Address: Department of Pharmacy Beijing Hospital 1 Da Hua Road,

Dong Dan Beijing 100730, P.R.China

Telephone(O): 86 10 85133631

Mobile Phone: 86 13611183512

E-mail address:



1998-2001        MSc  in Medicine Pharmacology, Peking Union Medical College 1982-1987                         

BSc  in Science, School of Pharmacy, Beijing Medical University


Professional Experience

2010.2           Phase I Clinical Trial Training, USA 

2007.4-2008.4Visiting Academic at Department of Pharmacy Practice,

                 Victorian College of Pharmacy, Monash University, Australia

2003.2-2003.6    Research Fellow at the Center for Drug Evaluation, State Food and Drug Administration SFDA, China

1987-present        Department of Pharmacology, Beijing Hospital, P.R.China



Clinical Pharmacotherapy


Research Grants

       2001  Founded by the Ministry of Health, “Optimizing  pharmaceutical  analysis  of nifekalant”

       1996  Founded by the Ministry of Health, “Monitoring the whole blood concentrations of  Cyclosporine A in myasthenia gravis patients”

       1995 Founded by the Ministry of Health, “Comparing four kinds of antibiotics’ concentrations in serum and tissues of rabbits”

       1994  Founded by the Ministry of Health, ” Monitoring the concentrations of phenytoin and carbamazepine in serum, serum ultrafiltration, saliva and studying their relationship”


List of publications

1.      Guoying Cao, Pengyue Ying,Bei Yan Wei Xue,Kexin Li,Aixin Shi,Taohua Sun,Jiling Yan, Xin Hu. Parmkinetics, safety, and tolerability of single and multiple-doses of pinocembrin injection administered intravenously in healthy subjects Journal of Ethnopharmacology.Volume 168(20):31-36.2015.

2.      Guoying Cao, Yang Li, Feng Fei Jin, Xin Hu, et al. Circadian rhythm in serum iron levels. Biol Trace Elem Res. 2012 , 147(1-3):63-66.

3.      Guo-Ying Cao, Ke-Xin Li, Peng-Fei Jin, Xiang-Yang Yue, Chen Yang, Xin Hu. Comparative Bioavailability of Ferrous Succinate Tablet Formulations without Correction for Baseline Circadian Changes in Iron Concentration in Healthy Chinese Male Subjects: A Single-Dose, Randomized, 2-Period Crossover Study. Clin Ther. 2011; 33 (12):2054-2059.

4.      Guoying Cao, FedaEmad Atta Ali, Anima Poudyal, Timo Vaara, Roger L. NationMartti Vaara and Jian Li. Pharmacokinetics of novel antimicrobial cationic peptides NAB 7061and NAB 739 in rats following intravenous administration J Antimicrob Chemother. 2009, Vol.64(5):1067-1070.

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