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Zhen Jiancun




Associate Professor

Chief pharmacist


Research Areas

Clinical Pharmacy


Education & Positions

Shenyang Pharmaceutical College B.S.1980-1984

Peking University EMBA 2010-2011

Director of Pharmacy Beijing Jishuitan Hospital 1996-

Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Management and Clinical Pharmacy, Peking University Health Science Center 1997-

Director of Pharmaceutical Administration Specialized Committee, China Hospital Association 2016-

General Pharmacist of Beijing Hospital Administration 2016-

Members of the National Health Protection Committee's Expert Committee on Rational Use of Drugs 2011-

Vice Secretary-General of the Beijing Pharmaceutical Association 2012-

Associate Editor of the Journal of Adverse Drug Reactions 2013-



China Hospital Association National Hospital Pharmacy Management Excellence Award 2011

China Hospital Association Hospital Management Research Project Progress Award 2009 2010

Beijing Hospital Association Best Hospital Management Research 2013


Research Interests

Pharmaceutical administration policy and implementation, hospital pharmacy management, clinical rational drug use, clinical pharmacist training, and pharmacoeconomics. The present research includes: (1) the research on the construction of the hospital prescription review system and the standard formulation; (2) the research on the pharmacy service management mode of the chronic disease patients; (3) the research on the rational selection of medicine in medical institutions; (4) the construction standard of the training system for clinical pharmacists.


Grants and Funding

  1. Special projects for scientific research on health development in the capital management mode of pharmaceutical care for elderly patients with hypertension.  RMB 481,000
  2. Beijing municipal committee for health and family planning Beijing hospital prescription review project.  RMB 120,000
  3. Beijing hospital administration research on rational selection of medicine in medical institutions. RMB 50,000
  4. Beijing hospital administration study on cost structure and budget impact of diabetes mellitus based on time series model. RMB 50,000
  5. China hospital association research on strengthening the construction of rational drug use ability of clinical pharmacists. RMB 1,000,000



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  2. Wei Zhang, Qing Zhang, Tian XiaoHuang, Haitao Zhao, Wei Lu, Jiancun Zhen, XiaoHui Niu. Population Pharmacokinetics of HighDose Methotrexate after Intravenous Administration in Chinese Osteosarcoma Patients from a Single Institution[J]. Chinese Medical Journal, 2015,128(1):111-8.