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Cui Yimin



Director of Clinical Trial Center, Director of Pharmacy Department,

Peking University First Hospital

Research Areas

Clinical Pharmacology

Clinical Pharmacy

Education & Positions

Beijing Medical School, Pharmacy, Bachelor Degree, 1986-1991

Beijing Medical School, Pharmacy, Master Degree, 1996-1998

Jichi Medical School, Clinical Pharmacology, MD & PhD, 2001-2003


Chief Pharmacist, Peking University First Hospital, 2006-

Director, Pharmacy Department, Peking University First Hospital, 2007-

Professor, Peking University First Hospital, 2009-

Director, Clinical Trial Center, Peking University First Hospital, 2017-

Faculty Accolades

Science and Technology Award of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, second prize, 2012

Huaxia Medical Science and Technology Award, Third prize, 2013

China Pharmaceutical Development Award, Innovation Drugs Award, Outstanding Achievement Award, 2013

WuXi PharmaTech Presents Life Science and Chemistry Award,Scholar Award, 2017

Zijing Award for Pharmacists, China Health Promotion Foundation, 2018

Research Interests:

Professor Cui has been engaged in study of early phase clinical trials of innovative drugspolicy of national drug evaluation and new drug approval for more than 15 years. He led the team to establish technology platform focused on pharmacogenomics, clinical pharmacy and drug clinical trials thereby providing support for clinical rational medication and precision medicine. He has hosted over 100 clinical trials as a primary investigator and has participated in the administration of more than 1000 clinical trials in total. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, especially antithrombotic drugs are the priority research areas of interests. The team has been awarded several grants from Chinese government including National Key Project of Research and Development Plan, ‘Significant New Drug Development’ of National Science and Technology Major Project and National Natural Science Foundation of China. Professor Cui has published more than 300 papers (including nearly 70 SCIs) and the cumulative Impact Factor was more than 200 points.

Grants and fundings

  • National Key R&D Program of China, No.2016YFC0904900, Principal Investigator, 2016.7-2018.12 (¥53530000: ¥9530000 from the government)
  • ‘Significant New Drug Development’ of National Science and Technology Major Project, No. 2012ZX09303005-003, Principal Investigator of subproject, 2011.1-2016.12 (¥900000)
  • ‘Significant New Drug Development’ of National Science and Technology Major Project, No.2009ZX09501-032, Principal Investigator of subproject, 2009.1-2010.12 (¥574000)
  • ‘Significant New Drug Development’ of National Science and Technology Major Project, No.2008ZX09312-017, Principal Investigator of subproject, 2008.1-2012.12 (¥1890000)
  • National Natural Science Foundation of PR China, No. 81573504, Principal Investigator, 2016.1-2019.12 (¥720000)
  • National Natural Science Foundation of PR China, No. 81273592, Principal Investigator, 2013.1-2016.12 (¥700000)
  • National Natural Science Foundation of PR China, No. 81072704, Principal Investigator, 2011.1-2011.12 (¥100000)
  • Municipal Natural Science Foundation of Beijing, No.7171012, Principal Investigator, 2017.1-2020.12 (¥800000)



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